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Summer Enrichment Adventures
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About Summer Enrichment Adventures

SEA is a program for HIGH-ACHIEVING, MOTIVATED students entering grades 1-8 in the fall. Students who are identified for a gifted/talented program OR have scored ADVANCED in one or more categories of the ISASP (or equivalent) test may enroll. Students entering grades 1-4 who do not have test scores may enroll only if they enjoy fast-paced, challenging experiences. Students outside West Des Moines Community Schools are asked to submit evidence of gifted/talented program inclusion OR a copy of their most recent state assessment, CogAT, or above-level test. Send to WDMCS GT Coordinator/Lead, Kristine Milburn, EdD:

Registration Deadline: April 20, 2021. Parents will be notified if any course is cancelled due to low enrollment (no fee for course cancellation). 

Individual Cancellation Fee Prior to June 7 = $10. After June 7, no refunds will be granted unless extenuating circumstances.

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