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About Parent Quest

ParentQuest provides a wide variety of free learning opportunities for parents and other caring adults as they navigate each child’s unique path to success in school and life.

ParentQuest offers opportunities for learning about academics, cultural awareness, health and well being, parenting, WDMCS 101, and more. Each child’s path to success is unique, and ParentQuest provides relevant resources to help parents along the way.

Featured Courses

  • College Planning 2.0

    Keep expanding your college knowledge! This class delves deeper into the process of applying for college scholarships and financial aid. We’ll explain how your EFC (expected family contribution) is calculated and the different types of grants and federal loans that are available. Having a clear understanding of these processes will help make college planning less stressful for both you and your student. Bring your questions! Class size is limited, so register early. This class is open to all, even if you did not attend College Planning 101.Class taught by high school counselors, MacKenzie Gersdorf and Eric Traynor.